About us

We are Giovanna and Maurizio, a couple from Rome who have been happily married for 20 years.

Our lives started to intertwine way back in 1969 when we first met, although they have taken very different paths since then.



I am a painter, and come from a family of artists. From an early age, I have been fascinated by the world of design.

I became a professional painter as a girl, and later began decorating luxury homes and hotels. I have now been active in this field for more than 30 years.

If you're interested in seeing some of my work, please visit my website, www.giovannacanevari.it.

Recently, I opened my own studio in Mestre, just a few steps from Outlet Sweet Venice. It is both a workshop and a gallery, and is the perfect spot for you, our guests, to find 100% original souvenirs from your stay in Venice. Of course, these are available for a good price!


I have lived in Venice since 1980.

I came here to visit some friends I had met during a trip to Greece…and stayed!

Soon after, a group of friends and I founded a travel agency, and I discovered the fascinating world of travel. I started to crisscross the globe, and since then, have journeyed to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America. Along the way, I have met thousands of wonderful people and learned about myriad cultures. Each is quite different from mine, yet interesting in its own special way.

Gradually, I began to start creating "complete vacations," collaborating with the best Italian and international tour operators in both Venice and Paris, where I lived and worked for many years.

I am a certified hotel manager, and have received both ISO 9000 and Vision 2000 certification.

Slowly but surely, tourism – like so many things – has changed, and I decided to take on a new challenge.

And here I am!

I've always had a boat here in Venice, and love to go out on the water. Of course, I also love to travel – any time, anywhere!