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Cities rich in art
The cities of Veneto are jewel cases that preserve precious historical and artistic relics. Our region is a rich land, which is embellished with the enduring stamp of the Serenissima Republic

The Venetian coastline
Every year there are a million tourists who choose to spend their holidays on Venetian beaches. The beaches are long and wide, gently sloping down to the sea. All this guarantees relaxation and entertainment

The Mountains
It is easy to fall in love with our mountains. In the winter, they are a skier's paradise with hundreds of kilometres of slopes for long-distance and downhill skiing. In the summer, the views are the stuff of dreams, making your holiday unforgettable

The Venetian spa
Distance yourself from stress, cure the body and recover the perfect physical form as well as treating yourself a little. Total wellbeing is available in all Venetian thermal spas. Each has its own seductive beauty

The lakes
Paradise for sailing and windsurfing, paragliding and mountain biking, the Venetian lakes also offer interesting scenery and historical and cultural attractions

The parks and the Po Delta
From the mountains to the sea, Veneto boasts six protected nature areas. Lesser known than the more visited tourist destinations, these environments continue to preserve natural wildlife. To be enjoyed in all its peacefulness