Special offers \ Venice 2013, a carnival of the colors!

The Carnival of the colours, the colours of the Carnival.
from jan 26th to feb 12th
Venice is the only \'coloured\' city way before the invention of colour itself: Canaletto, Guardi, Bellotto, Tiziano, Giorgione, Bellini, Veronese mastered here the art of perspective painting, and generally speaking 'invented' the colours of the lagoon on their canvas. I t could not be elsewhere: there is no city in the world where the colour spectrum gives its best reflecting the Venetian palaces on the water of the canals and of the lagoon. The Carnival of Venice 2013 will be dedicated to the colours because each colour communicates and evokes emotion and to each one of theme we tend to associate a state of mind. The colours are an expression of subjectiveness, and they share with the spirit of Venice Carnival the infinite variety and the numbers of disguises, each one corresponding to our endless different attitudes.

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